Our Services

Close Protection

It's a Fact that global stability is highly unpredictable. The modern traveller can be faced by the most harrowing events. Acts of terrorism, robbery and kidnapping are sadly on the increase, whilst we are not scare mongers we are indeed realists.

It is our aim to ensure that your time in the UK is spent in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our team of highly professional personnel will use all of the extensive resources available to ensure your continued safety and security.



Secure Transportation

Bodyguards in London have at our disposal an extensive range of executive quality vehicles.

This accompanied with our team of highly skilled security drivers ensures that all aspects of your ground travel are met in a safe and secure manner.

All of our drivers have previous careers in law enforcement or military environments and are trained to react to any dangers that our clients may face.

We are able to offer everything from individual vehicles up to fleets if required.



Residential Security Teams

Our Residential Security Teams (RST's) are deployed to ensure the safety, security and privacy of our clients and their estates.

From day one we will identify risks and pinpoint areas of concern,we will then train each individual team to provide the maximum level of safety, security and privacy. It is also worth noting that all of our RST's are first aid and fire trained and experienced in managing the day-to-day events in a discreet and professional manner.



Intelligence Services

A key part of our success is the fact that we are constantly updating our methods and techniques when protecting our clients interests.

Attacks can come in all guises whether physical, electronic or cyber. Bodyguards in London have the necassary skill base and expertise to defend both yourself and your business from potential disaster.

Our team will work around the clock to monitor and pre-empt any potential strikes against you. This intelligence can then be relayed to your Close Protection and RST units.



Corporate Security Training

Corporations are now both legally and morally obliged to provide adequate training to all employees and individuals who may be deployed to locations of high risk.

Our bespoke training packages contain a rich syllabus of information and practical knowledge of security awareness and protective counter measures. The courses are an invaluable asset to companies who deploy personnel and executives in hostile regions.

Many new laws are now enforced including corporate manslughter and corporate homicide act, and it is now necassary that companies implement adequate training for their employees in order to avoid potential devastating lawsuits.



Aviation Security

The protection of private aircraft is paramount to todays corporate business traveller. Often airports do not have the resources to individually ensure the security of such aircraft.

Bodyguards in London accompanied with our global network are able to offer an aircraft guarding service on a global basis.

For almost a decade we have deployed security personnel to private aircraft at most major airport locations in the world.

In addition we have at our disposal the most effective range of remote monitoring, tamper and tracking equipment available today.



Female Operatives

Body Guards in London (An ISECURE GLOBAL COMPANY) have an highly experienced team of Female Close Protection Officers. Our Female CPO’s are a genuine asset to any security team and are particularly suited to Female Clients or Children. A Female CPO is able to accompany female clients to changing rooms, restrooms etc. Also we have found that small children are often more at ease when a Female CPO is on the team.Rest assured all of our Female CPO’s are of the highest caliber and are profile recruited to further enhance our outstanding reputation. As with all of our personnel Female CPO’s are available for short or long term assignments on a worldwide basis. We will assess your requirements prior deployment to ensure your CPO is a valuable addition to your team.Please call or email for further information